Discuss ways to get people born again.

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'Discuss ways to get people born again'. My second post.

by Aaron Shalom Sun May 23, 2021 10:50 am

"Can I get a witness?
Discuss ways to get people born again. "

From the topics page.

Another thread gives a good example - a verse or verses per post, from Scripture. 'Seed' provided by ABBA, perhaps like He provided MANNA in the wilderness, or different ? MANNA is FOOD for those who are hungry, already alive, living.

Seed is provided to the sower, to be sown wherever it may be sown - good soil, rocky soil, weedy ground, and so on.

"To be Born Again" is something unique in the world. It is rare, uncommon, unusual, and not seen nor expected by men. And not effected by men. (i.e. men cannot make it happen, even for their own self)
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