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My Mema

by LeahS Sun Feb 03, 2019 10:09 pm

Hello- I am not putting this on social media but- my Dad's mom is in critical care. She had a perforated bowel so they had to do 2 surgeries this past weekend and basically reroute her guts. She is 85 so it it very hard on her body. The intestine contents that got out in her abdomen caused her to be septic. She opens her eyes every now and then and looks really scared. In my mind I have been playing "After the World" because I always think of her needing to hear what that song has to say. She is a believer but I think she has a lot of wrong ideas about God. She grew up during the depression and she was married to a very abusive alcoholic. She has had a rough life. I am so sad that she is in pain and probably does not understand what is going on. Please if you will pray for peace, healing and comfort. I want her not to hurt or be afraid.

Also unrelated- my husband has a job interview tomorrow. We are praying for wisdom about what God's will is with this situation.
I am grateful for any prayer.
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Re: My Mema

by Amiraqueen977 Wed Oct 16, 2019 12:56 pm

Mema, your prayer request touched my heart. I have gone through something similar and he was in hospice and all they could do was to keep him comfortable, however, we too played Christian music that can minister to them and assist the Holy Spirit for the final transition. He began the process angry that he was in that condition, to a mood of gratitude for God being there to comfort, guide, heal, and pour out His sovereignty. He too didn't open his eyes much, but near the end, his eyes looked as if he had peace with the situation and we all believe it was the music we played to minister to him. Mema, if I can make a couple suggestions, play I am not alone by Kari Jobe, and East to West from Casting Crowns. The lyrics to these 2 songs ministered to our family member and gave him peace security, strength, and comfort. My prayers will be with you and your family. God bless, Theo
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