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Upcoming Disciple/RJA tour

Posted: Wed Feb 19, 2014 2:46 pm
by Lainie
If you're going to hit any of these shows, please post date and city here so we can get together and meet one another. Shows are way more fun with boardie friends who love Disciple as much as you do. I'll try to post this on FB, too.

I'm hitting March 3 in Goshen, IN and March 9 in Kokomo, IN. (I would hit March 12 in Detroit, but it's the middle of the week and my hubby won't let me drive to the ghetto by myself. If I didn't have to be a responsible adult, I'd hit the 2 Ohio shows on March 1 & 2 and the Illinois show on March 6 as well! SIX out of 12 shows within 5 hours of me!)