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Alliance FAQ

by WanderingStar Thu May 16, 2013 4:23 pm

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about the Alliance, Disciple's fanclub/street team. In case you haven't already, join the party over here:

1. Is the Alliance run by Disciple?
No. The Alliance is a fan group and street team that supports the ministry of the hard rock band Disciple. We do know quite a bit about Disciple and can answer some basic questions for you, but we don’t speak for the band.

2. What does the Alliance do and what can I do to help?
You can support the band in several ways:
a. Go to any and all shows within an hour or 2 of where you live. Take a road trip and go to shows further away if you are able! Post on the Alliance page and make friends with people who are going to the same shows as you. It’s always more fun to share Disciple shows with your fan-mily!

b. Help promote shows in your area. Contact the promoter and volunteer to help. Post event flyers around your town. Post the facebook events on your own facebook page and/or tweet them.

c. Share Disciple’s page and the Alliance page with your own friends and family.

d. Buy Disciple’s music on iTunes or on CD’s. Please don’t encourage piracy. Don’t burn copies for people. If you love them, BUY them their own copy. Share tracks via YouTube or Spotify, but encourage people to buy music themselves.

e. Pray for the band and their ministry. They have family and friends back home who miss them when they’re out on the road. Touring provides them with the income they need to support those families and pay their bills, but it’s a complicated job and also their ministry. They get the chance to present the gospel to thousands of people and are working for the Kingdom, and need as many prayer warriors on their side as they can get.

f. Buy merch at shows and wear it proudly. Brag about how awesome Disciple is when people ask you about your shirt.

g. Call your local Christian rock radio station and request they play Disciple’s music. Some internet stations let you request and vote on polls online. Do this every day! The more airplay they get, the better/bigger touring offers might come calling.

h. If you are financially able, you can support the band monetarily. Go to to give money via PayPal to the band.

i. Bring them a care package when they are on tour. They like coffee, homemade baked goods, chips, crackers, etc. If you’re at a venue that doesn’t allow you to bring things in, you can always give a Starbucks gift card. The band is mostly just happy to see you.

3. Is Kevin Young the only original member of Disciple left?
Why yes, he is. The current lineup is Kevin Young: Vocals, Joey West: Drums, Josiah Prince: Guitar, Andrew Stanton: Guitar and Jason Wilkes: Bass and backing vocals.

4. Why did Micah Sannan, Israel Beachy, and Trent Reiff leave Disciple?
Israel’s wife had a baby summer of 2012 and he felt it was better for his family if he stopped touring to stay home and help raise his daughter. Micah has his own production company and married in 2013, and Trent got married in summer 2014. It’s hard to run a business when you’re out on tour. When Israel told Micah he was feeling that it was time for him to leave Disciple, Micah confessed that he felt the same way. They played their last show with Disciple at Christmas Rock Night in Germany in December of 2012. As much as we miss them, we love them and wish them all the best.

5. Did Andrew Welch leave Disciple to play for Thousand Foot Krutch?
No. Andrew and his wife, who did Disciple’s merch for them, decided to leave the road last summer. He had already informed the band of his decision to leave after the summer of 2012. At the same time, coincidentally, TFK parted ways with their guitarist and asked Andrew to fill in for some shows. The touring guitarist gig just so happened to pop up at the same time he felt led to leave Disciple. Andrew is not an official member of TFK, he just tours with them and plays their shows. It is less pressure than being an actual member of the band and it’s a better situation for his family. He will be missed by Disciple fans (but if you miss his guitar playing, feel free to go see him play with Thousand Foot Krutch!).

6. Why doesn’t Disciple bring back Brad, Tim, Joey, etc.?
Those band members left a long time ago and the band’s sound has changed throughout the years. We appreciate their contributions to past albums because they helped Disciple become who they are now. They all left for their own various reasons and have no plans to come back. If you like the “classic” sound, dig out your old CDs and enjoy! There’s great stuff on EVERY Disciple album!

7. Can you ask Kevin to _________ for me?
No. Please respect our position. We can’t do special favors for you, your mom, your band, etc. You can send a PM to Disciple through their facebook page, but we can’t guarantee you will get a response. They are busy people! If you need a general question answered, please ask on the Alliance page and we will try to help you answer it if we can.

8. Do the band members have their own facebook pages?
Jason and Josiah have their own pages, and they do tend to accept most fans’ friend requests, but there are no guarantees. Trent has a facebook page, but it’s only for his personal friends and family. Please respect his privacy on this matter. If he does happen to accept your request, please respect his wishes and don’t tag him in your fan pictures. Kevin does not have a personal facebook page, but you can follow him on twitter.

9. How do I follow the band on twitter?
Disciple, the band: @disciplerocks
Kevin Young: @DiscipleKevin
Josiah Prince: @josiahp
Jason Wilkes: @jaseonfiya
Joey West: @disciplejoey
Andrew Stanton: @discipledrew
And, of course, you can follow us: @discipalliance

10. Why doesn’t Kevin have his own facebook page?
Think of it this way: a church pastor has several responsibilities for his/her congregation: studying the word, preparing sermons/lessons, visiting hospitals, officiating weddings and/or funerals, organizing events, etc. If the congregation becomes too large, they hire an assistant pastor to help with those duties. If you think of Kevin as a preacher (which he in many ways he is), the congregation is multiplied by thousands of fans. If he had his own facebook, people would message him constantly and bombard him with requests. As much as he loves people, he has his own family to think of and can’t be everything to everyone all the time.

11. How else can I interact with Disciple?
Registering on these boards is a great start. Many fans interact here, but not as many as we’d like, which is part of why we felt the need to create the Alliance facebook page and twitter account (see above links to join us!). Kevin leads a bible study here. You have to register to participate, but you can read the comments without registering. Your first few posts have to be “approved” so we know you’re a human and not a spammer, but then feel free to post away, join the conversations, and get to know people.

12. Does Disciple have other social media?
Yes. They have a YouTube page, Instagram, Vine, etc. all under the name DiscipleRocks. Please also get the bandsintown app for your smartphone and you’ll never miss another Disciple show!

13. Why can’t/won’t Disciple play (insert name of place here)?
Disciple will play wherever they are booked to play, and they would love to play your town. Their booking agency is Jeff Roberts Agency (JRA) and their agent is Tom Dekorne. Please call 615-859-7040 or email him at You can also go to to read general booking information and to get helpful tips on hosting and/or promoting concert events.

14. Disciple played here last week. How come I didn’t know?
Honestly, it’s because you haven’t been paying attention! Check the tour dates on or their facebook event tab on your computer. On your own facebook, “like” the Disciple Rocks page and click “add to interests” so you see all of their posts. Track them on the bandsintown app (which should at least tell you shows in your area).

15. Can I audition for Disciple?
They’re not hiring, and when they were they didn’t hold open auditions. Josiah played with them for 6 months before he was officially asked to join the band and Jason played with them for about 2 months, since you never really know somebody until you’ve lived with them on a bus for months at a time. Kevin prayerfully considered each band member and had to see if they’d be a good fit for Disciple. Once they get closer to recording another album, they might hire a guitarist then, but nothing’s set in stone. They have many friends in the Nashville area and would most likely hire somebody they already know as opposed to a fan.

16. Who are the admins of the Alliance?
Lainie Conway, Craig Atkins, and Mary Nikkel. Combined together we have seen Disciple live over 70 times. Trust me, we’re qualified to run Disciple’s fan site!

17. Is there any Alliance merch?
We have our own Zazzle store at We are also in the process of designing a new store (whenever chief designer Mary gets the details in line-- stay tuned!). We also have an eBay page at ... ksid=p3686 All money raised on our eBay page goes back to Disciple to help with their ongoing bus repair fund. Please PM us if you have items you’d like to donate to our auctions!
- Mary

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We are the Alliance:
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Re: Alliance FAQ

by Polish Tom Thu May 23, 2013 7:10 am

I like this. You 3 are awesome.
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