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Favorite Passage

by ShadowFX84 Mon Jan 08, 2018 7:04 pm

I have two favorite passages in the Bible, I got out each for encouragement at different times.

The first is Matthew 14, the story of Jesus walking on the water. The story is such a perfect picture of the Christian walk. Peter steps out on the water, he starts making his way to Jesus, but takes his eyes off and sinks. Jesus pulls him from the waves, just in time. It shows that everyone stumbles, but as long as we strive for Jesus, strive to be in God's will, it's never too late. I love how Peter and Jesus walk back to the boat. Peter didn't make it to Jesus, but he walks all the way back to the boat.

My second favorite is the story of Gideon, starting in Judges 6. I love that he's just a normal guy, but is greeted as a mighty man of valor. It surprises even him. I know the story of Gideon doesn't have a happy ending, but his successes are not really made by might. His biggest victory is won using clay jars and torches. It shows that God can use anyone, from any station, as long as you are willing.
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