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Polish Tom
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Long Live the Rebels is out!

by Polish Tom Thu Nov 03, 2016 3:24 am

"In paradise remember me. Romance me. Ransom me." - Disciple

"...the Lord has told you what is good, & this is what he requires of you: to do what is right, to love mercy, & to walk humbly with your God." - Micah 6:8
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Re: Long Live the Rebels is out!

by ShArP Fri Nov 04, 2016 6:46 am

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Re: Long Live the Rebels is out!

by lappinglivingwater Fri Nov 11, 2016 11:32 am

Has anyone in Canada received their physical Kickstarter packages yet? I have not.
"If you can believe, all things are possible to the person who believes."
~Mark 9:23

My posts reflect what I believe; please don't take them as me telling you what you have to believe - your time in study and prayer will tell you that.
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Re: Long Live the Rebels is out!

by narnol02 Wed Nov 08, 2017 8:31 pm

I have Google play music and have been able to stream the new album. Recently though I cannot find it on Google to stream. Has it been removed?¿ I know it was listed under an alternate listing for Disciple but don't see that either.

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