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Reaching Out Through Music

by RawksForHim Sun Nov 18, 2012 11:02 pm

I'm an aspiring songwriter, and I had a question for more seasoned songwriters. How can and should I reach out to nonbelievers through writing songs? I feel like the songs I write could have the potential to impact peoples' lives positively who are going through rough times. And I'm just wondering, how would I go about doing that?
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Re: Reaching Out Through Music

by Ric Wed Nov 21, 2012 8:29 am

I'm no seasoned songwriter, but what I see working is songs that meet people where they are. Take a few pages from Disciple's music - After The World was written with cutters in mind, Invisible screams love to those who feel unimportant or unnoticed, etc.

Something else to consider... nobody was looking for Jesus when He began His work on earth. He went to them. Adulterers, prostitutes, tax collectors, thieves, the outcasts of society. He showed them love and compassion, while telling them to stop living sinfully. And their lives were shaken to the core by Him, and they never were the same. Write songs with that kind of teeth to them, and you'll do good work for the Kingdom.

And maybe Lainie will promote you when your band rolls into her neck of the woods. :p
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Re: Reaching Out Through Music

by Pockets Wed Nov 21, 2012 9:43 pm

I also am no veteran in the fields of songwriting, but in my own work here are some things I try to do:
As Ric said approach subjects they would relate to and reach them. Also avoid the "Christian cliches", one thing that many secular music fans hate is cliches, overused lyrics and song themes, and one thing they don't like about Christians is how they at times seemingly follow a template of ways to reach the world. I believe the trick is to be good examples for your fellow and younger believers, and connecting and relatable to the secular fans, once you got that down you should have a good start. Be original in your songs, take risks if needed while keeping your roots in what God's teaching you, and find ways to be engaging to audiences of both secular and Christian fans. \m/,
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Re: Reaching Out Through Music

by RawksForHim Thu Jan 03, 2013 10:55 pm

Thanks! Lately, I've been getting a flurry of song ideas. I'm farely new at being a music-y person, but I hope to do great things for God with my newfound talents!
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Re: Reaching Out Through Music

by GuitarDude22 Tue Apr 23, 2013 10:47 am

I'd say make sure whatever lyrics you write that they have a personal meaning to you so that when you play them you have just as much feeling and passion invested in the song. There's always someone who has experienced or felt something similar that will feel what God has put in you in the same way.

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Re: Reaching Out Through Music

by noahcopeland Fri May 10, 2013 10:45 am

Here's my two tips:

1. Write from experience. Think of a rough times you had and write about it. It may be hard, but you'd be surprised by how many people went through the same thing. Think of what you wish someone who have told you when you're struggling so that you can say it to those who are now struggling.

2. Roleplay. Put yourself in someone else's life. Create a person (it can be based off a real person or mixture of people). What problem are the struggling with? Write the song from their perspective. Harness their inner hope that is deep down inside them and remind them of it.
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Re: Reaching Out Through Music

by Seth T. Tenpas Mon Jan 26, 2015 2:26 pm

I know what you're feeling. Here's a tip I use when writing. Just look at the world around you. Is it messed up or what? There are so many things I'm disgusted by in this world, so much that people need to hear. When I write, I try to think, If I could say one thing to this person, to help that problem, to encourage in this situation... what would I say? Then write from your heart, what you would tell these people. Not only is there sickness in this world, but there is a cure, there is beauty, all found in Jesus Christ. What do you love about that? Write it down. How can you use the magnificence of God's word and His promises in what you would say to this world? Ultimately, if we are to affect anyone in this world, we need to ask God to speak through us. On our own, we can think of no clever phrase, no sentence beautiful enough to truly change a heart. Before I write, I try to always remember to ask God to speak through me. I'd encourage you to look to the Bible before every time you write. The words of God are given to us, and if we want to spread His words, what better way than to take them directly from His words? He'll point you to where you need to read, and if you are in communion with Him, He will speak through you when you speak from your heart. Hope that helps!
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Re: Reaching Out Through Music

by notebooknut Thu May 28, 2015 3:21 pm

I'm not sure if I am such a good writer, but my tips would just be these: If God gives you something, He'll use it! It doesn't matter if it makes a difference five minutes later, or five years later! If someone gets saved in the process, then it's allll worth it! Also, I've found that it's hard to rush a good written song. Most of the time, I get my best work from life. Really, I get a lot of my best poetry from when I am in a bad place, or a good place. For example, if I'm crying for some reason, I'll just randomly start singing, or strumming on my guitar. I find that's where I come up with good songs that have strong emotion to them. Take my pro-life song, I was upset and crying about something someone said to me... I took that sad energy, and then converted my hurt, into the hurt of an about to be aborted child... To be perfectly truthful, I think it's easier to write something in the emotion in which I'm feeling at the moment.
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Re: Reaching Out Through Music

by Michael Mon Feb 29, 2016 8:41 pm

I think Deliverance really got the point on this when they wrote Desperate Cries song on the Learn CD.

"Can you hear them crying with desperate cries?!"

People running back and forth to who knows where who are in pain, suffering, or misguided, and they all need The Creator. That is what that song is talking about.
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