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Is it OK not to be OK?

by rollerbladegirl Thu Sep 01, 2016 12:55 am

Really been struggling the last couple months. Even with a trip back east to look forward to. *Going to rollerblade 83 miles to Uprise Fest.* After that...coming back...I don't know. I act like I have it all together. I don't. What keeps me from the tracks...a fence that was built two years ago. It's about as tall as me. When I really want to leave...I read stories written by those who drive the trains. A little over a month ago in blistering heat I walked halfway across town to buy pills. They sit in a drawer untouched. I haven't taken them because I'd hate to fail a fifth time. I tell everyone "I'm GOOD." God is the only thing that keeps me here.
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Re: Is it OK not to be OK?

by ECCENTRICSHEEP Thu Sep 01, 2016 6:59 pm

I seriously understand that "God is the only thing that keeps me here", for reals! I still feel that way honestly. I'm sure a lot of people would get mad hearing me say that, but its true. Sometimes no one or no thing is enough to give desire to stay.

You know what's the cool part though? GOD IS ENOUGH! God is enough reason to stay here. If you only have that reason its enough! Why? Because God is the only one that has all the power in the universe and the heavens to orchestrate everything in existence to get something good even out of these most worst of times. And God is the only one who can promise something so much better than this place that we can't even begin to imagine what it'll be like! And all we have to do is cling to our faith and keep fighting!

The cool thing about joy is that it is so much better and so much more powerful and enduring that happiness. Happiness is so fleeting and temporary. Its dependent on circumstances and can fade away so easily. But joy is dependent on Christ, and Christ is forever! So joy is forever! You can feel any emotion across the spectrum and still have joy that comes from Christ! So where happiness fails, joy is forever and never leaves us!

I hope those pills stay in that drawer and with all my heart and I hope you don't give up. You're the most valuable thing on earth! Its true! I could go all over the world and gather up all the wealth of this world and put in here in front of me, and it would never compare to you. Why? Because God can make anything he wants. God can make entire worlds of amazing sights....BUT ALL HE WANTS IS YOU! All God wants is you! He doesn't care about all this stuff we think is valuable...he just wants us! So that's why you are only truly valuable thing on earth :).

So yeah, if God is the only reason you are still here then God is enough reason to stay here and to keep fighting. Absolutely! I'd put my life on the line for those words because they are 100% true!


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Re: Is it OK not to be OK?

by notebooknut Tue Sep 06, 2016 3:27 pm

Hey, I'm going to be at Uprise Fest! Don't be afraid to approach me! You'll know me because I'll be the short teenage girl in a denim cut-off vest with studs on it that on the upper back says "RADICAL" in white letters and is signed by the guys! Please say hello to me! I'm Maddie, by the way- and make sure to tell me who you are! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
- Maddie

"Opposite as the day and night
As different as the sun and moon is
This is the reality of my duality
This WE needs to become a ME!"
- Jonathan Thulin, Jekyll & Hyde
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